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Autumn Term 2017

Week Ending Friday 08/12/2017

Rec 1 - Daisy - For being confident enough to open our concert by speaking first and for singing so enthusiastically.

Rec 2 - Lewis - For working very hard all of the time, and for being confident enough to open our Christmas concert.

1JC - Isabelle and Archi - For being brave enough to sing by themselves and for doing it so beautifully.

1C - Tom and Edahna - For being super soloists in our Christmas play.

2C - Matin - For trying really hard to write sentences.

2CH - Mischa - For trying really hard to be more independent and writing some super sentences.

2S - Hannah - For working really on her handwriting.


Week Ending Friday 01/12/2017

Rec 1 - Eloise - For being a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child – always doing her best and being cheerful and kind.

Rec 2 - Navneet - For always being very kind and helpful – fantastic at helping to tidy the classroom, and helping others to do the right thing.

1JC - Hanshitha - For such a hardworking attitude and some excellent writing using capital letters for names.

1C - Saachi - For being one of our very special Wigton Moor ‘always’ children – behaving beautifully, working hard all the time and being a super role model.

2C - Mille - For working really hard this week.

2CH - Micah - Working really hard and trying to get his work finished.

2S - Kerem - For brilliant work in his assessments.


Week Ending Friday 24/11/2017

Rec 1 - Aliza - For making lots of effort in everything she does, including our concert rehearsals.

Rec 2 - Arlo - For being a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child….already! Always working hard with real enthusiasm, and always smiling!

1JC - Inayah - For working very hard practising her reading, and writing some super question sentences.

1C - Aizaan - For trying hard and producing some lovely work.

2C - Aditya - For working very hard in class.

2CH - Elijah - For trying really hard in maths and persevering!

2S - Esmae - For being a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child.


Week Ending Friday 17/11/2017

Rec 1 - Karta - For beautiful handwriting – always taking care with his letters.

Rec 2 - Simran - For always trying really hard with all of her work – at school and at home.

1JC - Arnav - For being a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child – working hard, listening carefully and behaving beautifully.

1C - Summer - For trying very hard with her reading.

2C - Mobin - For writing some sentences by himself.

2CH - Aysia - For some great work in drama this week.

2S - Yasin - For always trying his hardest with his spellings.


Week Ending Friday 10/11/2017

Rec 1 - Charlotte - For some great experimenting with flour and water – predicting and investigating and using fantastic describing words.

Rec 2 - Mohammad - For trying very hard with all of his learning – especially ordering numbers and handwriting.

1JC - Charlie - For some super addition work this week.

1C - Sophia - For being a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child. Always working hard, always behaving beautifully and being a kind friend to everyone.

2C - Dylan - For trying really hard with his Fire of London writing.

2CH - Ebaad - For having a fantastic attitude towards his learning and giving everything a go.

2S - Shay - For working so hard in History/English and producing such beautiful writing.


Week Ending Friday 03/11/2017

Rec 1 - Dhiaan - For listening carefully to the sounds in words and making lots of words with magnetic letters.

Rec 2 - Yusuf - For coming back to school with a mature and sensible attitude and for working hard this week to make words with magnetic letters.

1JC - Freddie - For some super sentences this week and always doing his best.

1C - Amar - For some super writing about the go-kart and a great picture to go with it.

2C - Anwha - For his brilliant work in maths learning about time.

2CH - Shaurya - For trying really hard with his writing this week.

2S - Jessica - For excellent work with time and resistance whilst her brother was away on PGL.


Week Ending Friday 13/10/2017

Rec 1 - Mala - For always listening well and doing the right thing all the time.

Rec 2 - Imogen - Following rules, doing the right thing and always trying her best!

1JC - Alhena - For always trying so very, very hard and doing some activities independently.

1C - Jasmine - For working hard and trying all the time with her work.

2C - Tanush - For settling into Wigton Moor so well.

2CH - Anais - For some super maths work on multiplication.

2S - Akshika - For brilliant work on our assessments this week.


Week Ending Friday 06/10/2017

Rec 1 - Ca’vani - For making a fantastic start to his time at Wigton Moor, settling well and trying his hardest.

Rec 2 - Samuel - For making a wonderful start to school life, and setting a great example to others!

1JC - Emma - For having a wonderfully positive attitude to learning and school.

1C - Jake - For being a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child – always working hard, listening well and behaving perfectly.

2C - Aarnav - For some excellent maths work.

2CH - Aanya - For being an ‘always’ child and always trying her best.

2S - Kaiyon - For some fantastic maths work.


Week Ending Friday 29/09/2017

2C - Shivam - For his creative ideas in poetry this week.

2CH - Teddy - For some lovely independent writing in poetry.

2S - Karanveer - Working so hard in all curriculum areas all week with a smile on his face.


Week Ending Friday 22/09/2017

1JC - Amelie - For being a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child – listening well, doing her best, working very hard and behaving perfectly.

1C - Samantha - For trying hard with her work all the time.

2C - Raima - For being a quiet hardworking member of the class.

2CH - Isra - For having such a positive attitude towards her learning.

2S - Tamara - For being an ‘always’ child. Always the first on the carpet, sat beautifully ready to learn.


Week Ending Friday 15/09/2017

1JC - Dylon - For perfect behaviour and an excellent hardworking attitude to learning.

1C - Tom - For being a superstar on the carpet and putting his hand up to answer all the questions.

2C - Divija - For making an excellent start to year 2.

2CH - Roman - Settling into year 2 so well and always trying his best.

2S - Dylan - A great start to year 2 and has maintained focus when he could have easily been distracted.