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English Homework

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Our English topic this half term is Poetry. If you're interested to read more, look at this link.


Word of the Week

This homework is optional. 

Word of the week: ambiguous


Read all the sentences first then write down 1) what you think the word means 2) which class of words you think it belongs to - noun, verb, adjective or adverb?

The teacher's smile was ambiguous. Was she genuinely happy or was she smiling sarcastically?

Because your stance on guns is ambiguous, I cannot tell if you're for gun ownership or not!


Based on your ambiguous look, I cannot tell if you found my joke funny or offensive.


Now try writing a sentence or two that include the word ambiguous.




Message from Miss Saul to 5S

I will get some new multiplication and division tests done soon and add them to the website.