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Year 5 Homework

English and Maths homework to be handed in on Monday 27th November.

Message from Miss Saul to 5S

The next multiplication marathon will be on Friday 24th November.  Well done if you improved your score from last week.  It is very important that you keep practising because you will find a lot of the maths we do in Y5 easier if you know the times tables really well.  I have attached a practice speed grid.

If you have already scored 144 on the multiplication marathon in less than 10 minutes, well done.  Instead of the multiplication marathon, you will do Test 2, multiplying multiples of 10 e.g. 40 x 20, 300 x 6, 50 x 400 for which you will need to use your knowledge of the times tables and your understanding of place value.  I have attached a new sheet if you want to practise at home.

If you have successfully completed Test 2 in 5 minutes or less without any mistakes, then move on to Test 3 which is about multiplying decimals by whole numbers and multiples of ten.  All you need is a knowledge of the times tables and an understanding of place value.  I have attached a practice sheet.


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