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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

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D&T in primary schools develops young children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures,

mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food. D&T encourages

children's creativity and encourages them to think about important issues.

DATA (The Design & Technology Association)



The development of Design and Technology proficiency at Wigton Moor is achieved through opportunities and experiences across the curriculum. The curriculum enables pupils to take part in a broad range of practical activities directly concerned with:

  • identifying needs

  • generating ideas

  • planning and designing

  • making and testing

  • evaluating


Through creativity and innovation, design and technology continue to shape our lives. Using an

activity-focused approach, a high-quality design and technology education should give

pupils opportunities to create, innovate, design, make and evaluate a variety of well-crafted

products. Pupils should be taught the technical skills and craftsmanship to execute practical tasks,

thereby developing confidence in using these skills.

The National Curriculum


Design and Technology is a way of learning, which spans and links the whole curriculum. In primary school it has its roots in imaginative play, art and science.  We want all children at Wigton Moor Primary School to think innovatively, to question and explore the practical world around them and to develop a positive, growth mind-set approach to their learning.


D&T in KS1

D&T in KS1 1 Cutting and joining in Reception.
D&T in KS1 2 Making moving body parts in Year 1.
D&T in KS1 3 Planning and making a healthy snack in Year 2.

D&T in KS2

D&T in KS2 1 Year 4 sound workshop - making musical instruments
D&T in KS2 2 Designing and making a water filter in Year 5.
D&T in KS2 3 Bread making in Year 6.