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Spring Term 2018

Week Ending Friday 23/03/2018

Rec 1 - Robert - For having a great attitude to his learning and persevering with tasks.

Rec 2 - Rohan - For his fantastic acting during our ‘We’re Going On A Lion Hunt’ performance!

1JC  - Louise - For working extremely hard at home to improve her reading, writing and maths.

1C - Olivia - For trying hard with all her work and producing some lovely writing about chameleons.

2C - Jolie - For always trying her very best.

2CH - Ammar - For making a great effort with his handwriting and being an ‘always’ child.

2S - Zoe - For being an ‘always’ child.


Week Ending Friday 16/03/2018

Rec 1 - Jack - For listening carefully and doing some lovely writing this week.

Rec 2 - Max - For always working really hard – especially with his reading and writing.

1JC - Ishaan - For always working so very hard and getting some brilliant results.

1C - Aran - For always trying hard with everything he does.

2C - Libby - For always trying her very best.

2CH - Annabel - For being a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child.

2S - Jasleen - For always trying her hardest and doing some lovely writing this week.


Week Ending Friday 09/03/2018

Rec 1 - Matthew - For always having lovely manners around school.

Rec 2 - Lucca - For trying really hard to work independently with his writing (without adult support!)

1JC - Zac - For some brilliant work in Maths this week and for tackling challenges with a positive attitude.

1C - Harrison - For trying really hard with all his work.

2C - Maya - For always doing her best in all areas of school life.

2CH - Charlotte - For having a really positive attitude towards her learning and never giving up!

2S - Diyaa - For being an ‘always’ child.


Week Ending Friday 02/03/2018

Rec 1 - Koshani - For doing lots of fantastic taking away (subtraction) – and even making up her own number sentences. Super!

Rec 2 - Samaira - For making a brilliant effort with her writing – remembering how to spell some of our tricky words, and using her phonic knowledge to write unfamiliar words.

1JC - Bea - For being an excellent role model and a very responsible and mature member of our class.

1C - Thiyaana - For being one of our special Wigton Moor ‘always’ children. Always doing the right thing and always working hard.

2C - Elsa - For ‘always’ trying her best with all of her work.

2CH - Puran - For some super work in computing and helping others in the class.

2S - Florence - For brilliant work in English and overcoming her worries.


Week Ending Friday 23/02/2018

Rec 1 - Ali - For working hard on his phonics and being able to blend and segment by himself.

Rec 2 -  Jayven - For developing a positive attitude to learning and working hard, and doing well with his school dinners.

1JC - Max - For some excellent work in Maths. Working hard and independently.

1C - Barnaby - For working very hard with his maths this week.

2C - Hamzah - For writing some sentences independently.

2CH - Miya - For working really hard in maths and doing some great work on time.

2S Jacobe - Working brilliantly on ‘time’ despite missing a few of the lessons.


Week Ending Friday 02/02/2018

Rec 1 - Emilia - For working really hard in Maths this week and being able to add by counting on independently.

Rec 2 - Jaimil - For always working hard at everything he does – in particular with his home reading book, and having a really good go at writing sentences independently.

1JC - Ariz - For writing an excellent Goldilocks wanted poster.

1C - Finn - For trying very hard with all his work and for producing a super Goldilocks ‘wanted’ poster.

2C - Daisy - For always trying her best with everything she does.

2CH - Farouk - For always having a great attitude towards his learning.

2S - Samual - For great work in his assessments.


Week Ending Friday 26/01/2018

Rec 1 - Aarjun - For using his initiative and finding things around the classroom to help him write independently.

Rec 2 - Laila - For always listening, joining in, and doing the right thing ……….. a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child.

1JC - Gauri - For writing a super character profile of Jack with lots of detail.

1C - Nancy - For being a reading superstar and trying so hard to read her books at school and at home.

2C - Sam - For some great scientific ideas.

2CH - Anais - For some great art work.

2S - Iulia - For trying hard.


Week Ending Friday 19/01/2018

Rec 1 - Sonny - For trying hard to listen carefully and working hard at learning his letters and numbers. Well done!

Rec 2 - Meera - For being extremely sensible and grown-up with her arm in a pot, and continuing to work hard.

1JC - Milo - For being one of our special Wigton Moor ‘always’ children.

1C - Amelia - For always working hard and behaving beautifully at all times.

2C - Anya-Rose - For trying hard with her work.

2CH - Riya - For trying really hard with her work and doing some lovely writing.

2S - Zachary - For trying really hard in Maths despite not being here at the start.


Week Ending Friday 12/01/2018

Rec 1 - Maryam - For being an enthusiastic artist and painting a teddy bear with great attention to details.

Rec 2 - Andrea - For always trying his best, and being a great role model for others!

1JC - Yuven - For some brilliant test results this week.

1C - Matilda - For trying so hard with all our special tests this week.

2C - Oliver - For always trying his best with everything he does.

2CH - Noah - For some lovely writing in English.

2S - Freya - For being resilient in Maths.


Week Ending Friday 05/01/2018

Rec 1 - Adam - For writing two super sentences about his favourite Christmas present. WOW!

Rec 2 - Isobel - For coming back to school with a great attitude to learning and persevering with her work, even if she finds it tricky.

2C - Rajan - For writing super sentences using the common exception words.

2CH  - Amanvir - For being a Wigton Moor ‘always’ child – always trying his best and for being a great role model.

2S - James - For brilliant use of punctuation.