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Year 5 Homework


Mrs Brown and Miss Saul do not set an English or Maths task for the holidays.  However, you must read regularly during the next two weeks so that when you come back, you are ready to change your book on the first Tuesday, and every child must achieve at least 1000 points in Mathletics.  Some children are still not doing this each week but it is part of the Maths homework each week so please make sure those 1000 points are achieved. 

We LOVE reading!

We LOVE reading! 1

Please remember to listen to your child read regularly every week at home. You can discuss what they like/dislike about their chosen library book, who their favourite characters are, ask them to give you a synopsis of the story or ask them to predict what they think is going to happen.

Sharing books and reading regularly can increase your child's confidence and widen their vocabulary - in Year 5, we love reading!!

Example of questions to ask your child when listening to them read

Letter re homework


Choose ONE of the 3 tasks and answer the questions in your homework book.


As well as completing ONE of the homework sheets for maths, all pupils are expected to score a minimum of 1000 points on Mathletics every week. 




Please read through the spellings for the week and last week's spellings.  There will be a test next week. 




Word of the week

This work is optional.  

Every week in class, we have a 'word of the week'.  Posted below is a copy of the work done in class.  If you wish to, you can read through this work to remind yourself of the meaning of the word and how to use it in sentences.

Word of the week: navigate                                                

Read the sentences and then answer the questions.

1) In the past, sailors would often navigate by the stars.

2) Whales navigate the oceans using sound.

3) My friend asked me to navigate when she gave me a lift to London.

4) She used a browser to navigate around the internet.

What does navigate mean?

What class of words does it belong to: noun, verb, adjective or adverb?