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Day 1 Diary and Photos

Night night from Year 5! 
End of day one! Everyone has brushed their teeth, put on their fancy pyjamas and found their teddies! Great behaviour and attitude from our Wigton Moor superstars throughout all the activities today. We are all looking forward to a good night’s sleep so we can have even more fun tomorrow starting with a big Robinwood breakfast. Over and out zzzzzzzzz

Year 5 have arrived at Robinwood and the activites start straight away.....

It's Zip Wire for the Lake Group

How to keep Year 5's entertained - take them to the Dungeon !!!!

More fun on the Zip wire and Climbing Wall

It's Archery time for Spring group.

After a busy day it’s time for tea.

Spring group practicing their circus skills on the trapeze!

Lake in piranha pool!!!

Rapid group at the Piranha pool.

Team games at the end of a busy day. Everyone has challenged themselves and had a brilliant day. Well done.