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Digital Check Up

Our plans for homework are very different this year.  Until at least October Half Term all homework we set will be electronic and all homework will be completed or uploaded on-line.  The reason behind this is that we want to use this half term to ensure Year 6 pupils are ready for the challenges any school closures may bring.  If we need to flip planning and teaching into ‘distanced learning’ we will need Year 6 pupils to be able to access work on the school website, us DB Primary to upload and download documents and access the schools on-line subscription services.


We know that not every child has a laptop or tablet, we know internet access is not a certainty for all and so if pupils have barriers to this style of learning we need to know.  Homework will be set on Fridays and is due in on Wednesdays.  If pupils do not complete homework, they will not ‘get into trouble’.  No punishments will be handed out but support will be provided.  Pupils may spend some time with a teacher or teaching assistant in school to re-learn how to access sites or upload and download work.  Teachers or teaching assistants may call home and speak to Parents and Carers about the challenges they face.  If we can solve problems, then we will, but it may be that we become aware that for some pupils ‘lockdown’ teaching will have to be delivered differently - we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

DB Primary Homework

Set 16.10.20    Due 21.10.20

For this week's English homework we would like pupils to reply to two forum topics: the first, we want children to write about a famous person who has inspired them and the second, requires them to watch a specific video on Espresso and then comment in the forum about Jesses Owens.




Maths Homework

Set 16.10.20     Due 21.10.20

Pupils should access the MyMaths website using their password.  There are another two on-line pieces of homework to complete.  Once complete, why not explore the site, play games or revise more maths?


Sessions to complete:

  1. Mixed tables 7,8 and 9 (these are still very important - please help your children to learn their times tables)
  2. Long and short division