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Family Support

Family Support at Wigton Moor Primary School

Caroline Lee is the Learning Mentor at Wigton Moor. She is a designated Child Protection officer, able to discuss sensitive and confidential issues and support and signpost families towards help when needed.

She can work 1-1 with children with a range of short term and long term issues, such as anxiety and bereavement or friendship problems. Where needs are more complex, we can refer children and families to the ARM Cluster staff (see below) or Leeds Children's Social Work Service.

She can lead on the Early Help Plan process, a national framework to help children and families in need. For more information on Early Help, please click here.

We work in conjunction with staff in the Alwoodley, Roundhay and Moortown (ARM) cluster. The cluster consists of a group of schools in this area, supported by a team of staff who can be there for you and your family when you need it. The cluster staff comprise family support workers, play therapists and parent and pupil counsellors.

We also work closely with the school nurse team who can advise on a range of issues.

If you would like to contact us, please call in to school, or phone us on the school number or use the contact link below.


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