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Remote Learning

Year 6 children are currently not isolating

The information below outlines the lessons that will be provided for remote learning during this period of isolation.

A weekly timetable will be uploaded to DB Primary at the beginning of the week.


What we will set:

Support needed from home:


We will start the day in the same way everyday by reading.  We will read from a text that supports part of the English curriculum.  This could be a story like the Odessy, a poem related to 'The Great War' or a story like Macbeth.  There will be a multiple choice ‘quiz’ set on DB Primary. to follow up what we have read.  Pupils will be given feedback on their result.  If they get less than 50% correct the quiz will be re-set and they will have the chance to listen to the text again and re-try the quiz. Teachers can see how long pupils took to do the questions and how many they got right.



    The reading and quiz will not take a full hour and is intended to be a gentle and straight forward start to the day that can be done without adult support.  We would like children to follow this up by completing a task set on MyMaths.  While we can set work, pupils are free to complete any tasks across the whole maths national curriculum.  There are a host of games and quizzes to keep them busy.

    We will set one MyMaths each day.  There is a mini lesson that goes along with each task and all tasks are intended to be revision.  Pupils should be able to complete these tasks on their own and will know how many they have got right or wrong.  They are free to repeat the tasks if they struggled.

    Pupils will be able to do this work without support and all we ask is that you check in to see how many of the 10 questions they got right.  If it is less than half, we suggest you make them listen and read again and re-take the quiz.


    We suggest finding out how many they got right for the MyMaths task and which other games or tasks they have completed.


    This session will always be a Maths lesson.  We are following the White Rose Maths Scheme of work.  Pupils will be able to watch a pre-recorded lesson and then will be set a work sheet to complete.  Pupils should use the forums to let teachers know they have completed the sheet.  At the end of the school day pupils can mark their work when the answers are posted.  We wait until the end of the day, as we know not everyone does the maths lesson first thing.


    For more able pupils, various questions from the 'Barvember' problems will be set and, again, answers will be provided.  

    Depending on your child’s ability, you may be able to leave them to get on or they may need you to talk them through the video.

    We recommend all parents and carers check the completed sheet.  It is also recommended that parents and carers complete the marking with their child

    3 and 4

    These sessions will either be Science, Extended Writing, Reading Comprehension, History, RE, French, Art, DT or PE lessons.  They are the lessons we complete in school but adapted for remote learning. 


    All pupils will be able to e-mail class teachers or ask for support on forums at any point during the school day.  Staff will also be making regular phone calls to support individual pupils and families.

    Unfortunately some sessions pupils require lots of support.  We find that pupils don’t often produce enough written work, don’t use high enough quality vocabulary or forget to use basic punctuation or capitalisation.  We recommend going through the lesson with your child before they start, getting them started with their writing, walking away and then checking what the final piece is at the end and possibly support editing what they have produced.  Some afternoon lessons should require very little support from parents and carers but, as always, we recommend checking what your child has completed at the end.