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Computing at Wigton Moor

We are lucky enough to have fantastic ICT resources throughout school.  All classrooms are fitted with interactive whiteboards, we have 32 PCs in the IT suite and 64 Ipads shared across school.  Pupils come to Wigton Moor already tablet and touch screen literate but often lack the skills required to use a desktop PC.  Starting with early mouse control and key board skills, right through to programming and developing their own app, pupils receive a great computing education here.



We follow the Rising Stars scheme of work which encompasses the programmes of study set out in the national curriculum.  The scheme sets out a different unit of work for each half term and pupils spend at least an hour a week developing their skills.  With Fizzbooks and Ipads pupils also use ICT to support other areas of the curriculum when not in the ICT suite.


Digital leaders

In Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to become digital leaders.  These are our computing experts and have a wide range of responsibilities across school including: supporting younger children, taking charge of social media forums and blogs, creating videos for the resource centre and leading on E-Safety issues.



Pupils at Wigton Moor are acutely aware of the dangers presented by the on-line world and are regularly taught how to keep themselves safe.  We do not have a 'locked down' system in school instead we manage resources carefully in order for children to learn when incident occur.


DB Primary and Espresso

All pupils at Wigton Moor have access to DB primary and through the site they have access to Espresso.  DB primary is a school learning platform.  Much like facebook, pupils create an on line profile and can communicate with their peers.  They can create groups of friends, e-mail and blog.  Unlike facebook the users are limited to communication within Wigton Moor only.  DB primary also has many learning resources as well as a link to Espresso which is a fantastic learning tool.