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After consultation with parents and carers, the school has agreed that only pupils’ forenames and the year group they are in will be used by newspapers when they photograph events and write articles about the life and work of the school. Similarly on our school web-site, the surnames of children on photographs will not be used. Any parent or carer who does not want his/her child to be featured in any photographs or articles about the school, or on our web-site, will need to indicate this on the information sheet they complete at the beginning of reception. In order for us to keep our records up to date, permission letters will be sent out periodically about this issue. The policy with regard to videoing school events or concerts is that we ask any parents who object to videoing or photographing by parents to inform school so that we can ensure that their child does not take part in the event. We, therefore, allow videoing and photographing at school events but request that parents keep their cameras positioned on their own child as much as possible.

Wigton visit Rossett for a reading project - Week 1

BBC's Blue Peter visits Wigton Moor

BBC's Blue Peter visits Wigton Moor 1
BBC's Blue Peter visits Wigton Moor 2

World Book Day competitions

World Book Day competitions 1 1st place - Castor R1 - Cat in the Hat
World Book Day competitions 2 2nd place - Roman 2CH - Frankie
World Book Day competitions 3 3rd place - Ariz 1JC - Peter Pan

KS2 Competition

KS2 Competition 1 1st Place
KS2 Competition 2 2nd Place
KS2 Competition 3 3rd Place

The winners from KS2 are:

1st - Kiran 5B - Princess Poppy

2nd - Someone in 6J - crocodile

3rd - Juliet 4L - The Cheshire Cat


Both competitions were judged anonymously, names were removed from entries before judging.

Further images and resources are available in the March 2018 gallery.

Sports Relief 2018


Wigton Moor are taking part in a 1 mile fun run to raise money for Sports Relief 2018. The school is looking to beat the amount raised last time of £1650. Further photos in the March gallery.

Picture 1
Picture 2
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