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Wigton Moor

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See us learning in January 2018

Year 6 exploring the world of Pop Art.

3H Roleplaying the Exodus story

3FW Air resistance experiments

2CH had a visit from a cricket coach!

Year 6 - Haka

2S ball bouncing investigation

Yr4 STEM club Spring 2018 at Allerton Grange High School

Blue Peter presenter, Radzi joins KS1 for birthday/celebration assembly!!

BBC's Blue Peter visits Wigton Moor

2S Katie Morag drama activity.

Year 6 Haka

2CH investigate which material would be best to make a picnic bag.

2CH Katie Morag - Weaving landscapes with mixed media and Cart making

Year 6 - ratio and bar model

Year 3 Maths problem solving

Year 6 - Grammar Fun

Y6 Computing - Pupils making their own apps

2CH have been doing some drama as part of their Katie Morag topic.

2C used objects to make a map of the Isle of Struay as part of our topic about Katie Morag.

2C start their programming unit by programming the Beebots to move from one position to another in one go.