** Running club is cancelled on 23rd May ** ** Football with Mrs Jury on 21st May is cancelled**
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Day 4 - Diary and Photos

Inside activities including a plank off, "Mento" selfies, bears and having a rest......

The afternoon sees more High Rope fun (or is that fear) and The Big Swing returns - wonder who would win the best Staff selfie competition with these photos ???

Survival session and Challenge Course - Boys vs Girls.

Aerial shots from the High Ropes - that is very high!!!

Biscuit Making - Part 2

Poppy biscuits finally completed  - Well done to the Spectacular 7.  Unfortunately, there are none left for Miss Jury or Mr Hadfield!  surprise

Final night and still having fun.

Happy Birthday Mr Bottomley

The final full day has been a blast. High ropes was perhaps the biggest challenge for most and again we've been so proud of the team work

and encouragement in all the groups. There have been some really stand out individuals who have pushed themselves to, and on occasions, way beyond their limits. Survivor skills, archery, challenge (obstacle course) and zip wire were the other activities.  The big news was that after dinner it was the PGL disco.

The pre disco preparation difference between genders has been fascinating. Girls spent a loooonnng time getting outfits and hair sorted while most boys stayed in the same clothes and we're not sure if water went near skin.


After sweaty dancing in a giant hall ALL children are exhausted and, we think, all asleep by 10ish.


Pupils and staff are looking forward to seeing their families and will keep the website informed of the traffic and estimated arrival.  The end is in sight!