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Wigton Moor

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Parking and driving to and from school...

PLEASE protect our children - park and drive responsibly.

PLEASE consider everyone’s safety!

PLEASE avoid blocking residents’ drives.

PLEASE check the parking plan below and ensure all carers who pick up or drop off your children do so too


Call 101 to report dangerous parking or driving outside school

Parents and carers who bring their child(ren) to school in a car are asked not to park their car on the yellow zig-zag lines outside the entrance to the school. Cars must not be driven into the school grounds to drop children off. Parents and carers should be aware that for school purposes Barfield Crescent is ‘one-way’ at the start and finish of the school day. Cars that are parked on High Ash Avenue should be parked on the side of the road that is in the Shadwell direction. The police regularly take action against drivers who park illegally outside school. If you care about children’s safety, please think carefully about where you park.