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At Wigton Moor everyone learns, everyone achieves and everyone matters!  We recognise that a high quality music education matters because it can increase self-confidence, boost creativity and give pupils a sense of achievement.  Our curriculum ensures that all our pupils sing, perform, compose and listen to a range of musical styles and genres.   Through our music lessons, we aim to foster a life-long love of music.



To help us meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music, we do a number of things.  Firstly, we use the Charanga Musical School scheme for most lessons in KS1 and for some lessons in KS2.  This provides pupils with the opportunity to listen to and appraise different genres of music, to learn about the dimensions of music including music notation, to sing a variety of songs, to perform on glockenspiels and untuned percussion and to improvise and compose.  In KS2 pupils also listen to and appraise examples of classical music from different periods in history using resources from the Charanga Freestyle Listening Centre.  Secondly, all year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 have half a term’s teaching from an Artsforms specialist music teacher with a focus on composing.  Thirdly, we are very proud that as part of our no ceiling approach to differentiation, all pupils from Year 2 to Year 4 have weekly recorder lessons for one term, and all pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 have weekly ukulele lessons for a term.  These lessons are a further opportunity to teach pupils music notation.  Finally, there is a weekly singing assembly for both key stages using material from the Sing Up website.  In addition to this, every year group performs a play to parents at some point in the year which always include several songs.


We know that children learn more and remember more because our curriculum revisits many key aspects and we see the impact of teaching in the knowledge and skills pupils demonstrate.  Our consistent use of assessment for learning and assessment quadrants means that teachers are always looking to adapt and improve where possible.


National Curriculum Documents

Music Long Term Plan

KS2 Music achievements

Example Trumpet lessons

Example Flute lessons

Example Clarinet lessons

Example Keyboard lessons

Example Violin lessons

Example Guitar lessons

KS2 Recorder lessons

Violinists performing to each class


Reception - Exploring how sounds can be changed using musical instruments

Year 1 - Creating music for Handa's Surprise

Year 2 - Creating fire sounds for Fire Of London Day

Year 2 - Playing Hot Cross Buns on the recorder in the Easter assembly

Year 2 - Playing London's Burning for Fire of London Day

Year 3 - Recorder lesson in the hall

Year 3 - Learning about pitch

Year 4 - Learning about pitch and dynamics by using and making musical instruments during a sound workshop

Year 5 - Performing songs as part of their concert about the Saxons

Year 6 - Composing and recording music using musical notation

Year 6 - Class ukelele lessons

Children performed songs, danced and played instruments from around the world in One World Assembly

Music making at playtime in the FS and KS1 playground

The School learning a song with actions.

Still image for this video