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See us Learning in January 2023

Year 5 enjoying some Scottish country dancing!

Year 4 worked with a partner to make Roman Shields as part of our learning about the importance of the Roman army in the expansion of the Roman Empire to Britain.

Green Council carried out the annual RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch. We turned the outdoor classroom into a bird hide and recorded all the birds we saw.

Year 4 worked in groups to make videos to explain the link between the strength of vibrations and the volume of a sound.

Year 2 - Pictorial Compositions in Music

Amrit reading her poem in English, with contractions.

Still image for this video

Jenson from 2R reads his poem in English, using contractions!

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Year 2 classifying different materials in Science

Year 2 creating globes in Science and labelling continents and oceans!

3H Pattern seeking and classifying in Science-sorting magnetic and non-magnetic materials

Both KS1 and KS2 children enjoyed playing with their new playground equipment today. Thank you school council!

Wigton Moor Football Team Tournament mixed Year 5 / 6

3SL enjoying finding out about friction as a force

Year 2 Gymnastics - Travelling in different ways using indirect and direct pathways.

Year 2 Music - Finding the rhythm and beat!

Year 3 French - we have been learning about La fĂȘte des Rois (festival of kings) in French. Congratulations to our quiz winner who became the queen (la reine) for the afternoon!