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Going to school for the first time

A few suggestions to help your child to settle into school quickly, easily and happily.


Please make sure your child:


  • is as independent as possible;


  • can dress him/herself properly - especially put on and fasten outdoor clothes;


  • can cope at the toilet on his/her own;


  • comes to school with all belongings clearly marked with his/her name - especially those taken off for PE;


  • is able to recognise his/her own belongings;


  • is able to recognise his/her own name in writing, (not capitals);


  • is able to use a knife and fork;


  • comes to school with a good use and understanding of language - this will be achieved by talking and listening to your child, reading him/her stories and teaching him/her nursery rhymes and songs;


  • can make his/her needs known so that help can be given if necessary;


  • is able to co-operate, share and play in a group;


  • can get out some of the things needed and tidy up afterwards;


  • is aware of the needs and feelings of others.


Please encourage your children in all they do and build up their confidence so that they want to try new things. It is helpful if your child has experienced the use of pencils, crayons paint, play dough, glue and scissors (blunt end ones).

Please do not teach your child to write with CAPITAL LETTERS. The Powerpoint presentation within the Curriculum Information section contains information on the correct formation of letters.


It is preferable that children learn to read at school. Parents and carers are encouraged to hear their children read to reinforce the knowledge and skills we are teaching.