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See us learning in March 2017

1R show their skill using programmable robots called Beebots

Understanding 3D shape and volume

1JC show their skill using programmable robots called Beebots

2C persevere in making pom pom chicks from wool

Year 4 make Easter cards with lots of yellow paint!

Year 6 PE photos - both classes doing some throwing and catching practise for the 'striking and fielding' unit.

Reception celebrate Red Nose Day

Reception 2 show their skills in a PE session with hoops

Reception 1 show their skills in a PE session with hoops

2EF - Happy Mother's Day

2C Happy Mother's Day art

4S Red Nose Day photos

2C Red Nose Day

2EF Planting and Growing Seeds

Year 2 have been problem solving with 3D shapes and learning to explain our thinking.

Year 6 have fun with grammar

Years 4 and 5 using brilliant facilities to play tennis

Year 6 artists at work!

Year 6 using bus timetables to develop their maths skills

Year 6 investigate parallel electrical circuits

Year 4 creating Religious Education posters

Year 6 learning about hockey kit. Having a go at Miss Jury's goalkeeper kit!

For Equality Day we could wear something red to show our support for Equality and anti-discrimination. The Equality Council initiated, planned and led the day, starting with an assembly. The Equality Council ended the assembly with an Equality Poem performed as a RAP.

Year 4 World Book Day celebrations

2C celebrate World Book Day in costume, writing and art work

World Book Day with 6DH. We were sharing and discussing our favourite books. Some children were voted by their group to come to the front for a Q&A session about their book.

Year 3 celebrate World Book Day by dressing up as characters from books