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See us Learning May 2023

4J love listening to their class reading book which is currently The Butterfly Lion by Michael Murpurgo.

Back Chat Brass music performance to KS2 May 2023

Uploaded by Wigton Moor Primary School on 2023-05-25.

3H Music May 2023

Year 3 exploring reflective materials in Science

Year 4 talked with their partner in English, to find the key features from a persuasive text.

Year 4 conducted a traffic survey to investigate the changes in the transport usage in our local area

3SL learning about opaque, translucent and transparent materials

3SL Class composition

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3SL exploring the delights of traditional foods from Yorkshire and Normandy

Year 4 have been discussing and identify key features of a persuasive text in English.

In Geography, Year 4 have been comparing the land use patterns in our local area over a period of time.

Year 2 are using their investigation skills and two enquiry types (observing over time and comparative and fair testing) to see what factors plants need in order to grow healthily! Can you draw a conclusion from our plants so far?

Year 2 sequencing 'Red Planet' by Roderick Hunt in English after using their prediction skills to guess what the story would be about from the front cover!

3H Comparing coronations in History

3H Finding non unit fraction of amounts in Maths

Year 1 have enjoyed celebrating the coronation of King Charles III

Year 2 freeze frames - the life of Ibn Battuta

Year 2 are learning how to use the internet to research in Computing!

Year 4 have been looking at what will happen during the coronation of King Charles III. Then we designed stamps in celebration of the coronation. Why do you think we have chosen these symbols in our designs?

Year 2 freeze frames - the life of Ibn Battuta