** Running club is cancelled on 23rd May ** ** Football with Mrs Jury on 21st May is cancelled**
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Day 2 - Diary and Photos

A very quiet night by most. Lights out was about 10, most bunks asleep by 10.30. Everyone seemed happy and confident. 

Comments of the night:

"Are we allowed to go for a wee at night?"
"There is no hand soap in our bathroom. What do I do?"
"If you've got dirty hands, how do we drink from the tap?"
"The shaving light makes it feel more 'sparish'"

The Spectacular 7 here at Wigton Moor are wishing you a Happy Halloween.  We will post some pictures of what we are up to.  Have fun! cheeky

Having fun being creative, looking forward to baking biscuits tomorrow

Groups 1 & 2 prepping for canoeing

Most of group 5 - Zac and Tom getting ready to swing

It's hiking time

More canoeing action - can you see them, oops going backwards, then into the riverbank and now everyone back safe, if not a little soggy - looks like fun.

Target practice with Miss Jury - should we be worried !!!

Groups 3 & 4 - that water looks a bit "chilly".

Afternoon activities

The BIG SWING time for Group 1

Rifle Shooting and The BIG SWING

Its Canoe time for group 5

The Zip wire & rifle shooting for Group 3

A busy busy day for everyone. Canoeing was hilarious with lots of children 'falling' in. They will swear they fell but the truth is they were very keen to get wet. Some have now learnt a lesson about how being cold and wet isn't much fun after a while. 

Rifle shooting, zip wire and giant swing were the other activities. It turns out Mrs Box is the best teacher with a rifle! Be warned. We are really proud of all the children for giving everything a really good try and encouraging each other to challenge themselves.

The evening has finished with a giant game of hide and seek and room inspections. The prizes of sweets for the best room was so motivating it was hard to choose a winner. Parents you'd be proud. We're pretty sure we'll get a good nights sleep tonight as everyone is quite tired.

Back together for the evening followed by room inspections...