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See us Learning in March 2021

Year 2 went on an egg hunt to collect the most team points for their team for our end of term team competition.

3H Making paper flowers with sugar water in Science- will we attract any bees?

Year 1 have been leaning how to program using the Bee-Bot

4S - Certificates 26.3.21

6J exploring the world of onomatopoeia pop art in the style of Lichtenstein.

2C raising money for Comic Relief - We are Superheroes!

2C have been making 3D shapes using nets.

4S certificates 19.3.21

Concertina Books for the British Library

Year 4 Mosaic work - Romans history/art project

3SL practising blending and mixing colours in the style of Claude Monet.

Year 3 making flowers to fool the insects!

Year 1 raising money for Comic Relief

For our Science topic about Plants, 2C have been scientists and used a magnifying glass to look at plants and flowers around our school.

2C have been painting in the style of Sayed Raza.

4L Roman Dance

4S Certificates 12.3.21

2C Science- Which material makes the best picnic bag?

2L - Science - Which material makes the best picnic bag?

Year 6 - Certificates 9.3.21

Year 4 - certificates 5.3.21