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Everyone learns and everyone achieves because everyone matters!

See us learning in November 2017

Year 4 STEM Club investigating footprints at Allerton Grange High School

KS1 E-Safety PCSO Presentation

KS2 E-Safety PCSO presentation

Responsibility Assembly

4S working together to create posters about what they have learnt in RE

3H PSHE - Anti Bullying Week

Children in Need Day in Reception 2

Children in Need Day in Reception 1

Reading our stories aloud in Year 4

4L Children in Need

Children in Need in 4S

Class 4S investigating circuits and checking whether they must be complete to light the bulb.

Year 6 PE lesson led by Sports Leaders. The focus was different ways we can pass a ball.

Remembrance Display

Remembrance Assembly

Here are 2S taking part in a drama lesson! The children were acting as Samuel Pepys and his servants.