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School Clubs

Clubs and Wigton Moor


Children's Corner is an external provider of before and after school child care.

Breakfast club opens at 7.30am.  After school care operates from 3.30pm until 6pm every evening. 

For more information please click the children's corner link in the 'Parents menu' or click below.

Sporting Juniors is an external provider which runs a number of after school clubs offering football, multi-sports & cricket coaching. The courses run during the school terms and follow a Sporting Juniors coaching curriculum.  The sessions give the perfect opportunity to keep your children active and healthy whilst participating in a team based activity that helps develop their social and team playing skills. 


They also provide sports activities each lunchtime in both key stage playgrounds promoting various types of sport to all pupils.


Please see their Facebook page for further details - @sportingjuniorsuk.


Staff led Clubs

At Wigton Moor we are lucky enough to have a number of dedicated staff who offer to run clubs, free of charge, in their own time.



Netball is run by Mrs Stoker  - a member of our lunch time support staff - and Mrs O'Malley. The club has run for many years.  Over the years Wigton Moor has competed against many other schools and in a variety of tournaments.  The club runs every Tuesday evening until 4.30pm.  It Is open to pupils from Year 6.  Both boys and girls are encouraged to join.

Tennis Club

Tennis club is also run by Mrs Stoker.  It runs on a Thursday evening and finishes at 4.30.  Pupils from Year 4 and Year 5 are invited to a trial and are then chosen on ability.  The club take part in local, regional and national tournaments. Please note this is a seasonal club.

Production Club


Production club is run by Mrs Meakin.  The club runs on Thursday evenings and finishes at 4.45pm.  It is open to pupils from Year 4 and Year 5.  There are a maximum number of 35 places.  It is often over subscribed.  Mrs Meakin has been active in nurturing the performing arts skills of pupils for a number of years.  The club has performed in a variety of Leeds theatres and continues to perform their productions to parents every year.

Football Club

Football club is run by the schools PE co-ordinator, Mrs Jury.  It runs every Tuesday evening and finishes at 4.30pm.  The club is open to both boys and girls from Year 6.  Mrs Jury also runs a football league in which she organises competitive 7-a-side matches between local schools.  For more information please click the PE and Sports Premium page.



Activities Timetable



Week Commencing


Sporting Juniors

School Club


School Club

(after school)

MondayFootball - Years 3 & 4  
TuesdayMulti Sports - Years 1 & 2Lego club (Year 2)

Football - Year 6

Netball - Year 6

Spanish club - Years 4 & 5

WednesdayFootball - Years 1 & 2  
ThursdayDodgeball - Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 Production club - Years 4 & 5
FridayFootball - Years 4, 5 & 6Gardening club - Years 5 & 6