** Running club is cancelled on 23rd May ** ** Football with Mrs Jury on 21st May is cancelled**
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Day 3 - Diary and Photos

Hi from the Spectacular 7.  You all look to be having great fun!  We have been busy making cookies this morning.  We are looking forward to decorating and eating them.  Yum, Yum, Yum! Missing you all. frown surprise

Day 3 and all groups are raft building - first its planning time

Final adjustments and were ready to go........

Group 3 - apparently someone might have told them that there were leeches in the lake - oops ....

And they're off - will the planning, preparation and building have worked ....


Staff Team Photo

After a great morning time to take them all down again - and time to get a bit more wet.

Lunch has been eaten, everyone dried off and now for afternoon activities - Group 2 Girls v Boys on the challenge course and lasers.

Other activies are Quad bikes, Areobal and lots of teamwork to get over, under and around the obstacle course.

Mrs. Bown loves all your photos. It looks fantastic fun – as always! She wishes she was there and doesn’t remember the rooms being that tidy last year! Awesome! J

Spectacular 7 Baking

Biscuits all ready for baking. Let's hope that Mrs Clarke doesn't burn them tonight! sad

A busy afternoon - a selection of photos from different activities.

A brilliant day starting with raft building. Pupils basically begged us to let them jump in. They're mad and it's cold! The good news is that was our last wet activity. The bad news is that those wet clothes will be pretty smelly by the time we're home and near a washing machine!

After a warm shower and lunch the afternoon has been great. Some pupils are tired and some mentioned missing home for the first time. What has been lovely is watching the children rally round and support each other. By the end of dinner we can honestly say all pupils are back to full strength and ready for our final full day tomorrow.

Some shocking truths:

Some children admitted they haven't brushed their teeth once - yet.

Wigton Moor pupils LOVE ketchup - buckets of the stuff.

After ketchup pupils seem to be most excited by tea and coffee. (They're a strange bunch)

11 Year olds don't appreciate peace and quiet.

Miss Jury has an unhealthy relationship with coffee.

Mr Hadfield's beard is unable to be groomed until the return home. (We think a squirrel might have made a home in it)



And so after a busy day everyone was tired and ready to sleep - or maybe not ....