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It is not compulsory for pupils at primary school to wear school uniform, but the school’s policy is that pupils must be suitably dressed for school. The Governing Body has approved the following school uniform and hopes that all parents and carers will support the school by agreeing to send their children in uniform.

The school colours are royal blue and grey.




Royal blue jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan

Grey skirt or pinafore (of a sensible length)

Grey or black trousers

White blouse or polo shirt

Black school shoes

Black pumps for P.E.

Black, blue, grey or white hijab

Any other head/hair adornments to be black, grey, blue or white


Additional summer items

Blue & white gingham dresses

Royal blue jumper or sweatshirt

White shirt or polo shirt

Short or long grey trousers

Black pumps for P.E.

Black school shoes (no logos)

Black/blue/grey/white turban or patka




Additional summer items

Grey shorts



GAMES and P.E.




Blue/black/white gym shorts

White plain T shirt of the correct size (oversized shirts are very dangerous on apparatus)

Black pumps

Blue/black/white gym shorts

White T shirts

Black pumps


Navy tracksuit (no hood on the jacket)



Children are not allowed to wear jewellery at school unless it is for religious or cultural reasons. Children who have pierced ears may wear small studs, and will be expected to remove them themselves for PE lessons as teachers and other staff are not allowed to remove them. Children who cannot remove their own earrings will need to either not wear them on the days when they will be doing PE or have them taped up with a non-allergic type tape. We do not allow children to wear studs or sleepers on other parts of their body.



Children should not have their hair in styles that are inappropriate for school. Parents of any children arriving in school with ‘Mohican’ styles, ‘tram lines’ or other styles considered inappropriate by staff will be asked to change it immediately.




Children must not wear nail varnish and make-up when they are at school. Any children breaking this rule will be asked to remove it before entering the classroom (we keep a stock of removers for this purpose).



Pump bag (for pumps and PE Kit)

School bag - KS1 children to have logoed book bag, KS2 children may have the larger logoed bag or a generic rucksack/bag.


All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name


Lost clothing is stored for a time on both sides of the school. The school accepts no responsibility for lost items of clothing. Coats should have loops so they can be hung on cloakroom pegs. If your child ever wears wellingtons to come to school in, please send a clothes peg as this will prevent them becoming separated and write his/her name in the inside of them.




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