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Wigton Moor

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Our Teams

At Wigton Moor pupils are given a team which they remain part of until they leave us in Year 6.  Throughout school, they have the opportunity to compete against the other teams.  Adults in school give pupils team points when they believe they have gone above and beyond expectations or demonstrated one of the 4Cs particularly well.


Our Team Names


Origins: Described since antiquity

Symbolises: Purity and wisdom

Did you know?  It is the national animal of Scotland.  It is the natural enemy of the lion – the national animal of England


Origins: Ancient Egypt and ancient Greece

Symbolises: Courage and leadership

Did you know?  It is the head and talons of an eagle and the body of a lion.  Kings of the jungle and the sky.


Origins: Ancient Greece

Symbolises: Re-birth and strength

Did you know?  It is closely linked with the sun. It dies but rises again!


Origins: All ancient civilisations

Symbolises: Strength, power and wisdom

Did you know?  It is the national symbol of Wales. Henry the VII marched under the flag.


Our team names were chosen by the School Council in 2018 - 2019.  Pupils had a variety to choose from.  They varied from authors, scientists, historical figures, ancient civilisations and mythical creatures.


Pupils also compete for team points in whole school competitions every term:

  • Autumn Term - pupils work together to create a team crest.
  • Spring Term - pupils work individually to score as many mathletics points as possible. 
  • Summer Term - pupils compete as teams throughout sports day



Teams drawing competition winners