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See us Learning in May 2021

Pupils in 5B painting their sculptures in a Henry Moore style

3H Making music!

Exploring and making 3D shapes in Maths 3H

3H Making magnetic games in Science

3H Exploring Samba dance in P.E

Using our VIPERS skills to extend our geographical knowledge in 3SL

3SL - Making magnetic games

4S Certificates 21.5.21

6H Certificates

3H Science Making compasses with magnets

3SL - Magnetic Science

Mini beast hunt (plus bonus sparrow) - 11th May 2021

6J PE lesson: Gymnastics using the hall equipment

3H testing magnet strength in Science

4S Certificates 7.5.21

Year 1 PE lesson: Ball and racket skills

6H PE lesson: Kickit on the field