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Wigton Moor

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See us Learning in July 2019

Putting together all of the structures made by every year group on DT day to create the perfect Wigton Moor town - it looks amazing!!

Year 5 had to research, design and make free-standing bridges for DT day - what an amazing range of designs!

Year 4 made some fantastic religious buildings - a synagogue, a church, a gurdwara and a mosque - and linked the DT day to their RE topic!

Year 3 loved designing and making a range of buildings for the Wigton Moor town on DT day!

Year 1 making benches, post and phone boxes, fences and road signs for the Wigton Moor town on DT day.

Reception enjoying DT day - making structures for the Wigton Moor town.

3H Green Day Discussing the impact of deforestation

3H Gardening and digging up potatoes!

3H D.T day constructing buildings

Year 5 enjoyed a visit from Allan Greenwood, a humanist speaker from Humanists UK, as part of our RE topic 'What matters most to believers'.

Healthy School award collection

3LW Insect counting for science

Year 5 had a fantastic DT workshop at Allerton Grange School, designing and making key rings using CAD and a laser cutter. They then decorated and made a presention box from a 2D net.

Year 1 enjoyed making and eating jam sandwiches

4S Meanwood Valley Farm

4L Meanwood Valley Farm