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Day 2 Photos and Diary

We all had a great day today full of activities.  Canoeing was a blast!  Lots of splashing, lots of silly games - the sun even came out.  Mrs Armstrong did fall in and took her instructor with her!!!  Mr Hadfield was also pushed in by several pupils and he will seek revenge during raft building.


The afternoon consisted of zip wires, archery and giant swings.


After birthday celebrations at lunch we played dodge ball (during which Mr Scanlan cheated) and Mr Hadfield's team should have won.


All pupil were flat out asleep by 10.30pm and teachers not far behind.

Happy Birthday

An afternoon of how many "selfies" can Mr Hadfield take???

The canoeing fun continues - think they are getting a bit wet...

Wigton Moor goes canoeing - first preparation on land

Good morning from PGL - let's see what we get up to today