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Welcome to our Governors' section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of Wigton Moor Primary School



Our Role


Our role is to ensure there is clarity of vision, that the ethos of the school is well developed and that long term strategic direction is clear and owned by everyone. We ensure this is done successfully by holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance if the school and its pupils and making sure the school budget is well spent by overseeing financial performance.


We work very closely with the head teacher and the senior leadership team, who are also members of the governing body, and who are responsible for the day to day management of the school.


We are very proud of the school whose ethos is captured in the statement "at Wigton Moor school everyone learns, everyone achieves, everyone matters".





Over the past few years we have been very lucky in having a stable governing body, containing some very experienced members. Recently, there have been a number of changes and we are now refreshing our approach with renewed enthusiasm.


We have some key strengths amongst the governors, including:

  • Design, construction and management of buildings
  • Financial management
  • Health and social care
  • Business planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Safeguarding
  • Human resources management
  • Psychology
  • Education via the senior leadership team


We have two vacancies, one co-opted and one local authority which we hope to fill soon and have the opportunity to include a further two associate governors if we wish.



Our Governors


Type of Governor 


Start date 

End date 


Mark Bourne 




Lucy Clement 



Head teacher 

Elaine Bown 



Kat Jury 




Sylvia Craven




Charlotte Heslop 




Becky Hughes 




Nova Jackson 




Sarah Dal Pozzo 








Indi Singh 



Local authority 




Associate (staff) 

Mel Bowen  




Gillian Dudley 




Pete Hadfield 








Helen Dunleavy Ryan 



Members of the governing body work through two sub committees, Resources and Teaching, Learning & Pupil Support. We review and update policies as necessary and monitor the implementation of the curriculum. We are able therefore to ensure that all our pupils amongst other qualities:

  • Develop an enthusiasm for and enjoyment of learning

  • Develop a sense of self respect, self confidence,  self discipline  and self reliance and an awareness of, and a sensitivity to, the needs of others 

  • Are able to achieve their maximum potential 


To ensure the curriculum is delivered successfully, our school governors each have a special interest in a particular area of school life which involves learning about new areas and coming into school. This may involve focussing on subject areas such as maths or English or developing an understanding about areas such as the management of children with special educational needs.  


Governors are able to actively involve themselves in many other aspects of school life, such as sports days, performances, educational visits or providing volunteers for special events and activities. 

Attendance at formal meetings is included below.



Impact of the governing body 2018-2019


Governors carry out their monitoring and support role through meetings with the senior leadership team, visits to school and assessment and discussion of reports as well as through the signing off of policies. Our conclusion is that despite reduced funding and increased costs, school is very well managed by a highly committed and enthusiastic team of staff. 


Over the past year we have had ten formal meetings and have made numerous visits and had one to one discussions with staff including focussing on: 

  • Maths 
  • Safeguarding 
  • Health & Safety 
  • SATs 
  • PE 
  • Attendance 
  • Pupil premium 
  • Literacy 


We have reviewed progress on our governors’ action plan in which we said: 


Plan: Closely monitor and work alongside the leadership team to monitor the school’s financial stability in the light of the funding changes imposed by the government and the challenge that presents.

Comment: This has been achieved in 17/18 and the school has an excellent grasp of its finances. We know the school is financially well run, but the bottom line is that the funding situation is getting worse. The governors will take this forward in the 18/19 academic year by bringing more innovative funding ideas for exploration to the full governing body. 


Plan: Maintain improved effectiveness of the governing body, plan and monitor the governor visit schedule and continue with our preparedness and readiness for Ofsted.

Comment: There is more work to do on this, partly because 2017/18 has been a year of change in terms of membership. A number of new members only recently started and have been finding their feet, two longstanding experienced members have left and as a result there was a change of Chair in the Spring term 


In 18/19 we will take this forward by reorganising the way our meetings are run, with more integration between the agendas of the full Governing Body, the Resources Committee and the Teaching & Learning & Pupil Support Committee. Policy review will be restructured to allow more time for discussion of important issues. 


Plan: Continue succession planning within the Governing Body with a focus on leadership and the development of our new or recent governors 

Comment: This has started in 17/18 but is tied in with the issue of improving effectiveness identified in the previous action plan point above. In 18/19 we will spread our net wider by encouraging applications from the wider Leeds community via work and social media contacts so that hopefully we can increase our numbers. A ‘buddying’ system will be established so that new members will have support to help them learn the ropes more quickly 


In September 2018, just before the start of the academic year, we organised our first strategic workshop with participation from all school staff and governors. This gave everyone the opportunity to get to know each other, reflect on the excellent progress the school has made over the past five years and discuss resulting issues in small groups.  


We will be using this strategy  to build on our work next year and over the coming five years to take the school forward . 



Relevant business and pecuniary interests

None to declare.


Material interests

None to declare.


Who we are:



Sylvia Craven - Chair of Governors 

Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee

I started my working life as a teacher and then worked in Further Education when my three sons were small. I became Chair of a school governing body at that time but things have changed a great deal and I am now very much enjoying new learning at Wigton Moor where I hope my experience and skills will be helpful to the school.  Most of my career has been spent working as an NHS manager at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, both running clinical services, supporting services to become more patient focussed and managing both major budgets and major building schemes.  In my spare time I love gardening and spending time with my friends and family.



Mark Bourne - Vice Chair 

                         Chair of the Resources Committee

I was elected to the Governing Body in 2016 as a parent Governor. This is my first appointment as a governor and I am looking forward to a long involvement with the school and the chance to develop the skills to enable me to become an effective governor.

I have two children at the school and Wigton Moor will be a large part of our lives for the foreseeable future. As such I value the opportunity to contribute towards its continued improvement and development.

I work for an architectural practice and have extensive experience in the design, construction and management of buildings. I am kept busy with work and family life, with a lot of my weekends involving either Lego-playing or DIY-doing; however, when I get the chance I like finding big hills to walk up!


Sarah Dal Pozzo

I joined as a co-opted governor at Wigton Moor in 2015. This is my first governor post and I'm very excited about it! I decided to become a governor because I wanted to contribute something substantial to my local community. Having been a young person's mentor, I have seen first-hand the importance of a rich early education for a child to go on to become a thriving young person.

In my day job, I'm a Regulatory Risk Consultant at KPMG. I work with financial services firms when they're implementing new legislation or trying to put right their past mistakes. Governance is a large part of this and, whilst it's a very different sector, I hope this experience will prove valuable to the Wigton Moor governing body.

I live in Roundhay with my husband, daughter and springer spaniel and I spend a lot of time going for walks, trying to tire the dog! Other than that, I like films, boxsets and having meals out. I am also a keen music fan and I particularly enjoy watching live music.


Kat Jury

I am the staff governor. I have been teaching at Wigton Moor Primary School for a number of years. My role as part of the governing body is to represent the voice of the staff. I am excited about this new challenge and I am looking forward to working with an outstanding team and improving the school even further.




Lucy Clement

Chair of Teaching and Learning and Pupil Support Committee

I have very recently become a parent governor at Wigton Moor and I am very excited by this opportunity.  Both of my children are here at Wigton Moor after my daughter was allocated a place in the "bulge class" of 2015.  We feel extremely lucky to be here and I want to contribute what I can to help support Wigton Moor to continue to be the excellent school that it is. 

I live in Roundhay with my husband, two children, cat and a recently acquired crazy puppy.  I am a GP and also have 4 years of paediatric experience in hospitals and the community, which provides a good background for taking on the role of Safeguarding Lead and Children who are Looked After. I was also part of the team who attempted to bring a local Free School to Roundhay to address the local shortage of primary school places.  This was a huge piece of work and I learned a great deal about education and innovative learning techniques which I hope I can now put to good use as a governor here! 

I enjoy spending time with my family and walking the dog.  We especially like our camping and walking adventures in the Yorkshire Dales.



Nova Jackson

I joined Yorkshire Water as Future Talent Manager in January 2018, having previously held similar roles at both Morrisons and Asda. I am passionate about supporting young people transitioning from school and college into the world of work, and ensuring they have the skills they need to succeed. The scope of my role includes both apprenticeships and graduates as well as work experience placements, and I am also involved in attending events where we educate Yorkshire students in the water cycle, engineering and the importance (and excitement!) of STEM subjects.

I live with my partner, my daughter aged 7 and two stepsons aged 7 and 10, there is never a dull moment in our house!



Charlotte Heslop

I am a new co-opted governor (2018), and this is my first appointment as a governor. I currently work at the University of Leeds, managing student education in two academic departments. I have previously worked as a teaching assistant with secondary school students with Special Educational Needs in Surrey, and provided pastoral support, classroom support and exam invigilation in various primary and secondary schools in Leeds. I am experienced in strategic development, relationship management, working as part of a senior leadership team, and conducting research (including data collection and qualitative/quantitative analysis).

Alongside my job, I am currently studying MSc Applied Psychology, and intend to embark upon doctoral study to become an educational psychologist when I have completed my current Master’s degree. I have a background in music and performing arts, and have particular interests in developing methods to help children to overcome barriers to learning. In my leisure time I enjoy walking in the beautiful Dales (usually with a borrowed dog) and reading, and I have a penchant for Star Wars and Disney films!”


Julie Taylor

I have worked in the market research industry for 17 years and am currently employed as a Research Director with an agency in Roundhay, who specialise in the financial and consumer sectors. This role involves me travelling the length and breadth of the UK to speak to a wide variety of audiences, which has given me a wealth of insight into people from all walks of life.  My day-to-day involves analysis and interpretation of data, project management, line management of junior personnel and presenting findings to board level clients.  Through working in research I have developed skills in leadership, problem solving and strategic planning which I look forward to bringing to my role as School Governor at Wigton Moor Primary School. I passionately believe that all children can achieve great things with the right conditions and with teachers that are able to focus on helping them grow. I am excited about the opportunity to assist the team in securing the best possible outcomes for pupils.

 I live locally with my husband and two young children. Outside of work I enjoy family time, seeing live music and running.


Nadine Bleasby

I have spent the majority of my career working in the NHS working in various areas including managing student clinical placements for medical students in Leeds and York, working in the National Institute for Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre in Leeds, before moving to become Chief Operating Officer for a regional clinical research network across the North East and North Cumbria, and most recently as Chief Operating Officer for a business support unit in primary care. I have previously held the role of school governor for a primary school in Harrogate where I live, and am looking forward to bringing some of that experience with me as well as learning more about Wigton Moor through working with the governing body and teaching staff. I'm a keen swimmer, walker and avid reader as well as enjoying travel, good food and wine in good company.




Governor Meetings Attendance Records 2018-2019

The minutes of Governing Body meetings can be read by contacting the office.