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Teacher Training

Teacher Training at Wigton Moor


Through partnership and collaboration with Red Kite and Leeds Trinity University, we train and support student teachers who are undertaking a range of courses, including Undergraduate Degrees and Post Graduate Certificates in Education.

Our aim is to provide our trainees with the individual support and guidance they need to demonstrate their competence across the Teaching Standards, in order to achieve QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) at the end of their course.

Our experienced Student Mentor and other class teachers work very closely with our trainees to help them to practise and develop their teaching skills, to understand how pupils learn and progress and to establish a thorough knowledge of National Curriculum objectives.

The support we provide takes the form of:

  • opportunities to teach small groups of children and whole classes.
  • providing trainees with regular verbal and written feedback, as well as recommending specific areas of development.
  • enabling trainees to spend time in different age groups, observing and learning from highly skilled teachers across the school.
  • attending regular meetings with the Mentor to discuss their progress and any further support they need.

Our trainees are encouraged to immerse themselves in all aspects of school life, including attending staff training, planning sessions, extra-curricular events and parent consultation evenings.

At Wigton Moor, we pride ourselves on the support and nurture we are able to provide our teachers of the future. Our trainees finish their placements feeling confident and ready to progress onto teaching their own classes and completing their NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) years. Many keep in touch to let us know how they are doing, which is lovely.


If you are interested in training to be a teacher, please contact Red Kite at or Leeds Trinity University at