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Gardening Club 2023

Gardening Club - last photo! 24th November 2023

Gardening Club 24th November 2023. It's the last one! We visited the allotment for the last time after a couple of weeks away. We made hedgehog houses as part of the RSPB's Wild Challenge award. Then we spread last year's leaf mould on the raised beds. Thank you and Goodbye to this season's Gardening Club from Mrs Lee and Miss Hill. You have been amazing!!

Gardening Club 27th October 2023. We have now cleared the beds of all our crops apart from perennial strawberry plants and some spare broad beans which we sowed for overwintering. We have spread a mulch of "whatever we could find" (top soil, various bags of compost) to keep the soil snug for winter.

Gardening Club 22nd September 2023. Even more carrots!

Gardening Club - 15th September 2023. The harvest continues!

Gardening Club - 8th September 2023. We went down to the allotment for the first time since July. The beans have really grown! We have been following No Dig Gardening principles. This means feeding the soil with a top layer of compost and making sure we disturb the underlayer as little as possible. This encourages soil organisms to thrive. Healthy soil means healthy plants, and we are delighted with our bean harvest!

Gardening Club - 21st July 2023. We said a sad goodbye to three more members, then headed off to the allotment for a good tidy up before the end of term.

Gardening Club - 14th July 2023. Weeding and harvesting. We also planted three new sweetcorn plants - thank you, Mr Anderson! We also said a sad goodbye and good luck to one of our Gardening Club members. We will miss you very much!

Well done to Gardening Club and Green Council! June 2023

Gardening Club - 30th June 2023. Our first harvest of broad beans and peas down at the allotment!

Gardening Club 9th June 2023. After weeding and watering the school garden, we went down to the allotment to plant out the runner beans and climbing beans.

Gardening Club 19th May 2023. Today we transplanted bean seedlings from modules to pots to grow on.

Gardening Club 12th May 2023. Today we planted rainbow chard and sowed carrot seeds. We recycled old hula hoops and CDs to keep the magpies away from the seedlings!

Gardening Club - 21st April 2023. Today we planted our pea and broad bean seedlings down at the allotment.

Gardening Club 24th March. Today we sowed nasturtiums, french marigolds, lettuce and borage seeds. The peas and beans are growing!

The gardening year has started! The Gardening Club team have been busy tidying up the school garden. We have also started sowing bean and pea seeds.