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See us learning in May 2017

Reception and Key Stage 1 attended an e-safety assembly

Photos from the e-safety assembly

2C are Cooks. As part of our History Explorers topic, we made Hardtack biscuits. These would have been made on Captain Cook's ship. The ingredients were just flour, water and salt.

2C are Explorers. As part of our History topic, Explorers, we imagined we were sailing with Captain Cook and had found new land. We drew the objects we saw on a map and then had to write the coordinates.

2C Are Artists!. We looked carefully at the photo of HMS Endeavour as part of our History topic Explorers. Then we had to draw and paint it using watercolours.

6DH make bread

Year 6 making bread

3FW planting plants in a garden to celebrate the Queen's 70th wedding anniversary.

In our topic "explorers" we are learning about Captain Cook. We made ship's biscuits and tasted them. Some of us liked the taste but others did not.