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Letters and Key Information

Key Information (see Final Arrangements letter for full details)


  • Bring one suitcase / holdall and one small backpack (to take on the coach).
  • Bedding is required so your child needs to take a pillow and either a sleeping bag or duvet. The beds are fitted with a bottom sheet.
  • Any medication must be named and handed in to Mrs Box with full written instructions for administration, if possible with the pharmacy label on.


  • Pupils can arrive at school at normal time – they will need a packed lunch (we will be eating early 11:15)
  • Pupils can arrive at 11:45am already haven eaten their lunch
  • Leave items that will travel underneath the coach with Mr Anderson, who will be near the coach outside school.
  • We will depart at 12pm.
  • Children should come to school dressed ready for the journey.

Pocket money / valuables:

  • Children may take up to £7 pocket money to spend on sweets or souvenirs. The money should be small change only please.


  • We will set off from the centre after lunch on Friday 3rd November. Our ETA back at school is about 5pm, depending on Friday afternoon traffic. 
  • For your convenience, please feel free to use the car park near the KS2 playground so the crescent can be left free.