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See us Learning in October 2019

6J Egyptian Mummification on a Fish!

Year 5 have enjoyed a fantastic art day, learning about still life painting and having a go at creating tone and depth. They use different pencil grades, water colour pencil and oil pastel to create bold, eye-catching compositions.

Year 1 using their sense of smell.

Production Club 23rd October - We were rehearsing a sketch where we had to plan a birthday party in an usual environment. Such as; outer space, in hospital, in a cinema or even a circus.

Year 1 having fun on Wii dance.

Wigton Moor Maths Champions!

Harvest Assembly - With Reverend Dave Young

Healthy Food Assembly

Year 1 running around the track as part of their healthy week challenge.

Year 1 used their sense of taste when they tried these different fruits.

6J Science - Simulating "blood" with food ingedients

6H making 'blood' using food colouring, Cheerios, oats and marshmallows. Can they tell you which part of the blood each food represents?