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Wigton Moor

Primary School

Everyone learns and everyone achieves because everyone matters!

Mission Statement and School Aims

Wigton Moor Primary School - Values and Ethos Statement


At Wigton Moor:

everyone learns, everyone achieves, everyone matters

  • Our aim is that pupils will learn, achieve and develop as positive, healthy, responsible and caring members of our community, in school and out.

  • We want pupils to feel safe, secure, enjoy their learning and belong to a purposeful, stimulating school environment.

  • We want each member of our school community to feel valued and respected, free from any form of discrimination and to celebrate diversity.

  • We want to provide excellence in all we do.

  • We want teaching to inspire a life-long love of learning that engages pupils and gives them pride in their achievements.

  • We promote resilience, ambition, endeavour, healthy lifestyles, creativity and respect for all.

The School Council have devised a Child Friendly Mission Statement

In our school we want children to:

Respect each other and everybody

Be loved

Enjoy learning


Have pride in themselves and their work

Want to be clever

Leave feeling like a good person

Be kind, considerate and friendly

Be sensible and make good choices

Be sporty and healthy

Not bully or be racist

Know it’s ok to get things wrong but try

Have fun and enjoy school

Be optimistic

Governors' Behaviour Principles