** Netball and Mrs Jury's football are on as normal this week **
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My Maths and Spelling shed have been set as normal

Set: 17/03/2023

Due: 22/03/2023 


This week, pupils must complete:

Arithmetic Assessment - it is highly recommended that pupils use a pen and paper for this homework.


To log in pupils must use the school log in and their their personal sign in.

School User ID: Wigton

School Password: Circle275

Next, pupils must log in through 'My Portal'


N.B: Pupils are free to do additional maths on any area of the National Curriculum at any time.  There are also games and challenges.


An activity has been set on Spelling Shed.  To complete their homework pupils must complete at least one game.

Word List below:

antisocial, artificial,

beneficial, crucial,

facial, official,

racial, social,

special, superficial


All pupils were given their user IDs and passwords.  They glued them inside their reading record.


Year 6 – Grammar Revision Project


Over the next 5 weeks we would like you to create something to help you and your classmates revise.  This is a 5 week project so the level of effort should reflect this time frame.  Prizes will be awarded to the best creations.


You can choose at least one of the following ideas (You could do all three):


1.  Create a grammar dictionary

This is where you list "grammar vocabulary" and the definitions


common noun = person, place or thing (e.g. chair, man, park)

pronoun = word used instead of repeating a name (e.g he, she)

***Don't worry about putting the words in alphabetical order, the important thing is to know what the words mean!***


2.  Create a grammar quiz on as many areas of grammar as possible!

For example: 

Which is NOT an adverb?

- silently

- quickly

- happily

- nice

Make your quiz accurate!  Don't just make up questions on your own and remember you must provide the answers too!


3.  Create a game of your choice that other children can play in class. 

For example:

Matching game: Make matching cards where the word is given on one card and the definition on another. Players have to match up the cards in the fastest time possible.

Grammoperly: Why not be really ambitious and try to re-create the game Monopoly but with Grammatical terms and questions

Snakes and Ladders Style Grammar: Get the question right, climb up the ladder, get it wrong slide back down the snake



You do not have to do more than one (but you can)

You can work in pairs.  Please note, paired work should reflect the work of two people not be the same as one person working on their own!

You can complete power points or word documents and save them to ‘MyWork’ in DB Primary

You can complete everything on paper

You can ask your parents for help


Deadline: Wednesday 29th March

Prizes: For the best creations


What could I put in my project?

This list is supposed to help you to think of things to put into your game.  If you see something and you don’t know what it is, you need to read about it.


Word class – Nouns

pronouns, relative pronouns, possessive pronoun

Word class - Verbs

adverbs, modal verbs

Word class – Other

adjectives, prepositions, determiner, coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS), subordinating conjunctions

Punctuation – Easy

Full stops, capital letters, question marks, exclamation marks,

Punctuation – Medium

apostrophes, speech marks, brackets, dashes,

Punctuation – Hard

commas, hyphens, semi colons, colons


Prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms

Clauses and sentences - Easy

main clauses, subordinate clauses, relative clauses, noun phrase, adverbial phrase,

Clauses and sentences – Medium

formal language, informal language, direct speech, reported speech, past tense, present tense

Clauses and sentences – Hard

passive and active verb form, progressive and perfect verb forms, the subjunctive form