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Congratulations to Year 6 - SATs week is over!

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A Note on Year 6 Homework

Homework in Year 6 is given to pupils on Friday and is due in on Wednesday.

This means that if pupils need to ask for support they can ask for additional help on Monday or Tuesday.

Maths Homework

Pupils will be given a different piece of homework depending on the group they are in. When possible, this should be completed in their maths homework book. There are occasions when working directly on to the sheet is more appropriate in which case the sheets should be folded and stuck inside the book.

As well as the weekly homework related to their lessons children are expected to reach 1000 points on Mathletics each week. We set this target as we feel that it is achievable for every student.

English Homework

Pupils will be given a piece of English homework, which will be the same for both classes, each week. This is likely to be a piece of reading comprehension which will require pupils to read a short text and answer questions. Answers should be written directly into their English homework books. As with the maths, work completed on sheets should be glued into books.

As well as the weekly homework related to lessons we also expect children to read their library books and record what they have read, each week, in their reading record.

Extra! Extra!

Pupils can always do more. Each week a Mathlete of the week is awarded for the pupil with the most points.

DB Primary has a 'learning library' full of resources for a wide rage of curriculum subjects.

Espresso, accessed at home through DB Primary, is a fantastic resource with videos to watch and a wealth of activities to undertake.

Year 6 Spellings

Every week Year 6 pupils are given a set of spellings to learn. Pupils have a full week to learn spellings before they are tested. 6J and 6DH have a different day for their spelling test. 6H have their test on Monday and 6J have their test on Thursday. We try to add the dates that they are handed out and the date of the test. Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes things change so please try to be understanding when this happens.


All the spelling lists are taken directly from the new national curriculum or are from past SATs spelling papers. Initially the words are taken from the Year 2 national curriculum word lists. As the year progresses we test words from the Year 3 and Year 4 national curriculum, then Year 5 and Year 6. As we approach SATs all word lists will be spelling SATs past papers.


All Year 6 pupils will sit a spelling test as part of the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests (GPS). There are 20 randomly chosen spellings, some difficult and some hard. This can be a source of stress and anxiety for many pupils as they consider themselves ‘bad spellers’. If this is the case now is the time to start practising.