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Set: Friday 20th May 2022

Deadline 8th July 2022


Birmingham 2022—Commonwealth Games


You have been chosen by the organisers to help promote and prepare for the Commonwealth games in as many different ways as you can. Look through the booklet and complete challenges or think of original ideas and challenge your creative skills.

individual and creative skills to each challenge.


Challenge guidelines

· The project lasts for 7 weeks.

· You are allowed and encouraged to use computers to present and research your work  - Wikipedia is wonderful but we would rather not read pages of it copied and pasted.

· Draw, paint, write, make models, bake, sing and act— be creative and original!

· There is no limit to the number of tasks you choose to do!

· You must complete ’enough’ tasks.  Obviously 10 little tasks might be the same about of work as two or three big tasks.  Children need to use their common sense to judge if they have ‘done enough’.  They should simply ask—does this reflect 7 weeks of homework?

· This booklet is a guide and should not be seen as something that has to be followed.  It contains many ideas for tasks.

See booklet below: